Stand: 18.05.2021

Бракосочетание в Дании опять возможно с 18.05.2021

Правила въезда в Данию здесь

Stand: 04.05.2021

Выписка Auszug aus den Regeln für die Einreise nach Dänemark
(seit 1. Mai 2021)

Einreiseregeln (Stand 01.05.21)

Stand: 18.02.2021

Пока границы Дании закрыты вы все равно можете подать документы на обработку и проверку для получения разрешения на брак. Как только границы Дании вновь откроются, мы поставим Вас в известность и Вы уже с готовым на руках разрешением сможете зарезервировать желаемую дату на бракосочетание в ЗАГСе.

Оригинальное сообщение датской агентуры по семейному праву, которая выдает разрешения на брак

Denmark, together with the rest of the EU, is in an extraordinary situation. This week there are new restrictions on travelling to Denmark as well as many other countries in the EU.

For further info on entry into Denmark read here

However, you can still submit applications to us and we will issue a certificate of marital status regardless of the period of validity, if the conditions for getting married are met.

Due to the extraordinary situation, the Agency of Family Law will re-open an application and issue a new certificate of marital status without you having to pay a new fee, in cases where the couple cannot get married within the validity period, if this is due to entry restrictions to Denmark or other restrictions in Denmark as a result of COVID-19.

A case will be re-opened if requested. This means that we ask you to contact us if the couple's certificate has expired without it being possible to get married due to the restrictions in Denmark.

We can only re-open the case once the certificate has expired.

Since we do not know when the restrictions in Denmark affecting the marriages will be lifted, we ask that you wait and only contact us when this happens.

We can only issue a new certificate when the restrictions are lifted, so that marriages in Denmark can take place.

It will not be necessary to resubmit the application or resubmit all documents. When the application is re-opened, we will send a confirmation letter in which the couple, with their signatures, confirm the information they submitted in the previous application and if necessary submit new documentation for legal stay.

We hope that the initiatives taken will reduce the uncertainty of the couples in this serious situation.