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  1. maracash1001 says:

    Nice company and very competent. Thanks for your help for marriage in Denmark!

  2. Naomi says:

    After the first consultation, I had a feeling of confidence that Mr. Ilya Biletsky and Peter Mari would be able to help in my difficult situation. When all documents were prepared, the check passed without problems and we received a marriage approval. We are very glad that Bineli was recommended to us. Thank you for your work and for helping couples organize weddings in Denmark.

  3. Edmond and Angjela says:

    Edmond Prenci my experience with this firm is very bad they neglected my case which caused my case to be closed by family law! the worst thing is that not only they won’t refund but they are trying to blame it on us after everything we been through since last year and the manager is manipulating my words which have no grounds because they know they failed to inform us the requirements of what the family law asked for those who applying for extension so here we are me and my fiancé not married yet all the effort we have a baby on the way i really hopped fir us to be together when the baby is born i hope these bineli firm understands their mistake and apologies! here’s my whattsap number if anyone has any questions id be happy to answer i would think twice before using this firm

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