Getting married quickly in Denmark - prepare documents properly

In order for the check of required documents to run as quickly as possible and without delays, it is very important to prepare the documents according to the requirements of the Danish authorities:

  • All sides of the document (inside and outside) must be scanned
  • For passport you need to scan all pages inclusive empty and cover pages. Scan as double page always.
  • All edges and corners of the document must be visible
  • The picture should be sharp and all text must be clear and easy to read
  • Flash light, shadows and reflections are not permitted
  • The best way is to upload each document in pdf format in your account.

Additionally you need to take picture from id or pass at different angles like explained here.



Do not cut the edges of the document's page - place the document in the center of the scanner.


Light and shadow

Flash light, reflections and the shadow are not allowed.