Civil marriage in Denmark 2024

  • WITHOUT birth certificate and WITHOUT non impediment certificate
  • EXPRESS Dates WITHOUT requiered overnight stay
  • International marriage certificate issues in 5 languages - Danish, English, German, French and Spanish and WORLDWIDE recognized

Marriage in Denmark - easy, fast and unbureaucratic

Marriage in Denmark instruction

Especially for non-citizens of the EU staying in the EU, it is often complicated to collect all the documents needed for a marriage in their home country. It takes time for the documents to be examined, so that some might already lose their validity. This could lead to additional costs.

To get married in Denmark, therefore, is an easy and simple alternative. It offers a less bureaucratic opportunity for a marriage. This is why marriage in Denmark is so popular, especially among couples of different nationalities. A marriage contracted in Denmark is legally recognized all over Europe and other countries.

Marriage in Denmark

Apply for marriage

You can marry in Denmark if you have been granted the non impediment certificate in Denmark. As a rule, the non impediment certificate is valid for 4 months. To get this certificate, prepare all required documents at first, apply for marriage and send the scans of your documents to our email.

We'll check them, fill out all forms for you and send them back to you to sign.

Apply for marriage

Documents for marriage in Denmark

Required documents

Each couple has its own situation. Here you can find out which documents are required in your situation.
Create check list




Document check: 280 € per couple

  • You will receive the list of required documents for each partner in your situation.
  • You will gain access to upload your documents with a description of the requirements.
  • We will check your documents for completeness.
    1. We will review your documents according to the requirements of the Agency for Family Law.
    2. Requirements for the quality of copies.
    3. Consistency of the documents.
      Accuracy and completeness of relationship proofs.
  • We will send you a review report of the submitted documents by email.
  • You will receive the order form from the Agency for Family Law.

Start the process


Standard: 640 € (*) per couple

  • Deposit 285 € is possible
  • advising by phone to plan your marriage in Denmark
  • check and review your documents
  • fill in all necessary forms and the application for you
  • prepare your documents to apply for the certificate
  • apply for the non impediment certificate
  • arrange, book and confirm the date for your wedding in a registry office
  • compile a manual with all necessary information and directions to the registry office of your choice

Start the process


Standard + transfer: 1480 € (*) per couple

  • Service package Standard +
  • Transfer from Hamburg to registry office and back
  • 2 witnesses are included

Start the process


Luxury: 2090,- € (*) per couple

  • Package Standard +
  • hotel for one overnight stay with breakfast
  • transfer from Hamburg (train station/airport/hotel) and back
  • companionship by one of our employees during the ceremony
  • a sightseeing tour of the town by car
  • 2 witnesses are included

Start the process

(*) All registry offices in Denmark charge 255 € for an appointment. Our prices do not include the fee of the registry office.

You can book the following additional services:

1. Higher priority in the preparation of your documents for the application at the Agency of Family Law in Denmark, which issues the non impediment certificate. We respond to your emails, check and prepare your documents within 24 hours while our worktime.
Price 125 €

2. Urgent appointments will be charged extra. After we get your non impediment certificate we ask you immediately about your desired marriage date. We get charge for urgent appointment if we need to make an appointment:
- in more than 30 days - 0 €
- within 30 days - 80 €
- within 20 days - 180 €
- within 10 days - 280 €.


3. Extra appointments in Copenhagen

If all appointments on the desired day are fully booked, the registry office can offer additional appointments for a fee (approx. €215) in case of having a free capacity. Our surcharge for urgent appointments remains in accordance with point 2.

4. Change a registry office
Price 100 €

Service packages with overnight stays in the high season (in July and August) are more expensive due to high room prices - additional 70 €.

VAT is included in all prices.

You can see our additional services here.

Marriage in Denmark

Thanks to all our couples !!!


New laws for marriage in Denmark from 2019

From 1.1.2019 new laws regarding marriage came into force

From 1.1.2019 new laws regarding marriage came into force. The change affects both required documents and the entire process.

To avoid fictitious marriage, couples must now prove that they are in relationship with each other. This could be a proof that they live or have lived together, been on holiday together, have a common bank account, chats, phone calls, etc..
Read more about proof of relationship.

Before new laws, documents were checked at the registry office where the wedding was to take place. The process has changed completely now. Examination of the documents is now carried out exclusively by the Family Law Agency in Denmark, which is located in Odense. The agency grants a marriage license if the examination of the documents is positive and there are no doubts that it is a fictitious marriage. In the next step, a date for the marriage is agreed with the selected registry office.

How does the process work?

How does the process work

To give you an overview of the process, here are the milestones of organizing your marriage in Denmark.

  1. Prepare your documents through our agency
  2. Request an examination and a marriage license from the governmental Agency of Family Law in Denmark
  3. Agree upon an appointment for the marriage
  4. Reservation of an appointment at the registry office
  5. Send appointment confirmation with information to the couple
How fast can you marry?

How fast can you marry

There are 4 instances that prepare the marriage. Each instance takes time

  1. Customer
  2. Our Agency
  3. Danish Public Administration
  4. Registry office
  5. The mostly delay in preparation lies with customers and Danish state administration. We answer all emails daily and check your documents and forms within 1 working day .

    When documents are prepared and the payment made, our organization work begins in Denmark. Danish Public Administration promises to issue the marriage license within 5-7 working days if all documents are in order. However, it is not always the case. It is not possible to influence the state administration to prioritize the documents of a couple.

    Because we have a lot of experience with many registry offices, we can get you a date to marry in the shortest time possible if we have the license from the state administration.

    Ideally, the process works like this

Which documents are required?

Required documents for marriage in Denmark

Each couple has their own situation and has different documents to prepare for their marriage. Here you can find out which documents are required in your situation. Create a checklist and have the list sent to your email.

When do you have to pay?

When do you have to pay?

The Danish Agency of Family Law, which issues the non impediment certificate, starts checking your documents only after the payment has arrived.

You do not have to pay to us until we have reviewed your documents and see no problem in applying for the marriage certificate. Before we apply for the non impediment certificate, we will ask you to settle the bill for our services and the fee charged by the Danish Agency of Family Law.

For urgent cases, we will apply for the non impediment certificate immediately after your payment, before your money has been credited to our account. We kindly ask you to send the payment receipt, the bank transfer slip or the account statement via WhatsApp or Email.

Scan documents as a pdf file and save

Scan and save documents as a pdf file

If you do not have a scanner, you can scan your documents with your phone and save them as a pdf format.

Install an app on your mobile and get familiar with it.

For mobile phone with Android we can recommend ClearScan.

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